Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Circumstance, substance and enhancement; engage

what happens when you are unwilling to lend a hand to someone that needs it?

what happens when you are ‘glad to help’?

today project M took a step forward. when we arrived we were confused, excited, had an agenda and a schedule — we knew what we were going to say. but today i think the challenge a two-week long thinkwrong session in detroit presented humbled us. reality check. we woke up startled and without a purpose. why? we asked.

prototypes: We were told to find an audience, produce an idea and take it to said audience. timid and relying on instinct, we went out and did something. we found that whatever we did, many people wanted to know more. we grew more aware as they grew more aware. our prototypes were functional, but in a way that differed from what we expected. more of a means than an end. more of the Detroit City Charter than the Declaration of Independence.

i think these people bitch-slapped us into M’ers.

these people helped us find pulse.

then we struck gold. “there’s two ways to get a motha’ fucker’s attention — cut off his air, or cut off his money.” - John Loud, Project M dinner guest

… it doesn’t matter how, just get his attention.

function over(and?) form. i think tonight we became aware of what exactly it is we’re rallying around. tonight M’ers, i believe, also became Detroiters. and thinkers and hosts and horseshoe players and community leaders and cooks and …

we met incredible people and i feel like we know what we need to do. we are citizens because ability = responsibilty.

read this article about paradigm shift by Grace Lee Boggs -



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  1. Dinners in Corktown! Hell yeah. You have created an amazing homebase. I miss it.

    Metropolis Girl