Monday, August 24, 2009

Let’s Go To Work

When a group of empathetic individuals come together with the energy to devise solutions to undeserved problems, it is our best chance to leave behind forces that can sustain on their own.

As an M’er, I hope to spark creative forces that are inherent of the culturally-rich city of Detroit, but are suffering from a lack of embrace. I am a first generation Indian-American-Michigander, which affords me a unique upbringing. India is my motherland, Detroit is my “mother-city”, and for all the nurturing Michigan has given its inhabitants, it is important for us to turn on the lights that were forced shut in these unfortunate times.

My hope for Project M Detroit is for its outcome to lead toward a “Renaissance”, which is embodied through the embrace of working cross-disciplinary as a healing process to solve problems. In our minds we may question, what’s the difference between design and engineering, or design and art. The truth is that it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the intention of the ingenuity.

When society treats Design as decoration, we demean its essence. The results of past and future Project M’s challenge these constructs by exposing more people to the values incorporated in design to show them beauty is not in the object, but in the depth of thought, science, and skill that goes into bringing new possibilities into the world to solve society’s unmet needs.

Project M Detroit is about creating tangible results. Something that takes time, hard work, and can be sustained by its citizens. We can inspire with our images and words, but incorporating the same communication in the form of an object can use the aspects of touch to help heal, inspire, and motivate. As a participant of Project M Detroit, I hope to work along with other empathetic, creative, and skilled individuals to leave a donation to the city of Detroit, the state of Michigan, and to future Project M’ers.


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